AERGO: New Cryptocurrency Dec.2018


Aergo Cryptocurrency began trending due to their hybrid blockchain architecture. Latest announcement on 17 December 2018, AERGO/KRW pair being listed on GOPAX, as a Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Finally, investors can acquire & trade Aergo Tokens. Aergo ($AERGO) works on hybrid blockchain enterprise that provides users both public and private and side-chain.

Before jumping on Aergo price, let’s have a quick look at what is Aergo cryptocurrency and how it works?

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What is Aergo ($AERGO)?


AERGO is offering the AERGO tokens to raise investment for a highly scalable, enterprise-ready blockchain platform and native protocol. The AERGO platform allows enterprises and developers to easily design, build and use their own blockchain applications within the cloud.

The platform provides the opportunity for developers to manage their blockchain and apps on both permission and permissionless chains. Beyond a standalone protocol, it includes a feature-rich middleware layer to help simplify connection with legacy enterprise software.

“A fourth-generation Blockchain protocol”. The fourth generation means hybrid blockchain serverless computing cloud open source mantra.

On December 2018, an Aergo trading pair is also listed on Korbit, a popular Korean Exchange owned by Pantera, DCG, Softbank, NXC (recently acquired Bitstamp). Aergo has formed a strategic partnership with NXC to help distribute tokens as part of the RewardDrop initiative.

Now, Aergo has 3 official exchange partners- KuCoin, GoPax & Korbit and 3 Unofficial Partners- Hotbit, DDex & Bilaxy.

AERGO Value Proposition

AERGO envisages a new era of mass-market blockchain usage via connecting the capabilities of both public and private blockchain into one solution. It provides enterprise developers flexibility when designing an application for any given use case scenario by accommodating the differing aspects of private and public blockchain implementations.

AERGO aims to launch a product that will provide:

  • An advanced, accessible solution for software developers.
  • A fast and more secure blockchain cloud architecture that accommodates public and private chains.
  • An open ecosystem for third parties and businesses to connect and make transactions with each other.

Through parent company Blocko, which offers a private blockchain product for enterprises, AERGO is introduced to address specific roadblocks to the utilization of blockchain technology by businesses, which include difficulties with IT integration.

The AERGO Platform has 3 main components:

Aergo chain, hub, marketplace

AERGO Chain – A blockchain protocol designed to overcome the issues that stifle enterprise usage of permissionless networks. It’ll consist of a public, decentralized network of blockchains run by node providers. AERGO Chain uses a deterministic Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.

AERGO Hub – A blockchain hosting service that acts as the public interface for building, testing, deploying and managing independent blockchains based on AERGO Chain. It also includes tools and supporting services to support the growth of the protocol, such as a smart oracle, serverless DB and content delivery network.

AERGO Marketplace – AERGO Marketplace aims to allow the exchange and purchase of peer-to-peer computing assets such as storage, computing power, and algorithms.

It is recommended to visit Aergo Marketplace through Aergo Hub.

Aergo Hub

Strengths and Opportunities

AERGO is a blockchain service provider by Blocko and largely derived from Coinstack. The fundamental technology of AERGO is already being used by over 40 enterprises that have partnered with Blocko, including Lotte Card, Korea Exchange, and Hyundai Motors.

Fortunately, AERGO and Coinstack both offer enterprise blockchain platform framework which is a completely private blockchain network whereby node providers and applications are self-contained within enterprise organizations.

AERGO is designed to offer a comprehensive platform that allows both for proprietary data to remain on an authentic network. While it also facilitating the exchange of tokenized information with service providers and third parties through a public blockchain.

The ecosystem of AERGO will include a virtual machine that supports all the major programming languages. This virtual machine will allow the programmers to seamlessly code enterprise logic into decentralized apps and smart contracts using SQL, Golang, Python, C++, and JavaScript. It will also support Ethereum based smart contracts.


Aergo price

Note: This is the initial price of AERGO on date 19 Dec. 2018. If you want to check the latest AERGO price, please click here.

Market CapVolume (24h)Circulating SupplyTotal Supply
$? USD$1,996,986 USD? AERGO500,000,000 AERGO
? BTC 527.91 BTC
? ETH19,250 ETH

** Table source- coinmarketcap

AERGO Price Comparison with Bitcoin:

Aergo price chart

Note: Investors should consult their financial advisor before investing in ICOs. Furthermore, the SEC has warned investors residing in the United States and other jurisdictions that ICOs may constitute securities.



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